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Mediation Fees


Our mediation fee is simple and charged at a fixed rate of $150 per hour for two parties, without regard to the nature, amount in controversy, or complexity of the case. This rate is divided by each party. In the event that there are more than two parties, the third and fourth party pays an additional $75.00 per hour to the base rate of $150. No mediation schedule is confirmed until each party has paid their share of the fee. Fractional minutes are billed @ 6 minutes = $7.50  per
Person. Parenting Coordinator Intake Fee is $250.00 per party.

Partial-Day Fees
Fees are $450 per party for a minimum of three hours. See cancelation policy.

Full-Day Fees
When a full day of mediation is expected, the rate will be $600 per party, based on eight (8) hours. See cancelation policy.

Overtime Fees
If the mediation extends past eight (8) hours for a full-day or three (3) hours for a partial-day, Each party will be charged the hourly fee of $75.00 as part of the $300 per hour rate. Please be prepared to provide a check at the mediation for overtime fees or bring a credit card to use our PayPal option.

Special Client Needs
If this fee schedule needs modification for your case, I would be willing to negotiate a more convenient rate. The venues that we use for mediation are all handicap and wheelchair accessible.

Cancellation Policy
A cancellation fee of $500, or $250 each party, will be charged to the canceling parties for a mediation canceled fourteen (14) or fewer days prior to the scheduled mediation date. Cancelations within 5 days of mediation schedule are non-refundable.
If the mediation is rescheduled and conducted, we will apply any funds in excess of the $500 cancelation fee toward the rescheduled mediation. We will make every prudent effort to work with you, your client, and your schedule.

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